Our Events

Leasehold issues affect people all over the country, which is why we have held over 30 events since 2015.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are unfortunately unable to travel and meet leaseholders. But don’t worry – we’re still here to help! We have launched a series of podcasts to help leaseholders understand issues from service charges and disputes, tribunals, lease extensions and freehold acquisitions.

You can access our masterclass podcasts here

We look forward to meeting leaseholders again soon!

"I am so glad I went to the Leasehold Roadshow. It was very informative and a very good place to start for a novice, like me.

I have already started informing my friends and family about it!"

Mrs S - Essex Roadshow 2019

"It was a very interesting afternoon and lovely to meet all your people. You clearly have a grip on the many issues Leaseholders find challenging.

I, and I believe other Leaseholders I met during the Islington 2019 event also, felt a sense of support and encouragement based on your confidence and knowledge in the field"

Chris Baker - Covent Garden

The Leasehold Roadshow

Since launching the Leasehold Roadshow, we’ve helped thousands of owners of flats and leasehold houses tackle their leasehold issues, providing free, impartial advice to leaseholders and empowering them to help them take back control of the value of their property.

Here are some of our previous Leasehold Roadshow locations:

  • Walthamstow
  • Balham
  • Enfield
  • Battersea
  • Croydon
  • Islington
  • Hackney
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester​
  • Cheshire
  • Camden
  • Southwark
  • Haydock
  • Paddington
  • Leeds
  • Birmingham
  • Newcastle
  • Hammersmith
  • Cardiff
  • Cramlington
  • Southampton
  • Bristol
  • Brighton
  • Bromley
  • Westminster
  • Coventry
  • Essex
  • East Kent
  • East London

    Leasehold Houses

    "I am writing to express my gratitude to you for organising and hosting the Leasehold Roadshow and for having experts on hand for consultation.
    Whilst only some of the material was directly relevant to me and my situation, it was immensely instructive to see the breadth of issues that there are with leasehold properties."

    Paul, London

    "I would like to convey my thanks for an excellent event. The enthusiasm to offer help was overwhelming and at no cost – how refreshing.
    It was really worthwhile and the people I spoke to one-to-one were fantastic"

    Sue, London