Islington – 25 March 20

The Leasehold Roadshow - Islington

25 March 2020 | between 4pm and 8pm

Business Design Centre, 52 Upper St, The Angel, London N1 0QH

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About this

The Leasehold Roadshow is coming to Islington - a unique opportunity to meet experts in the leasehold sector free of charge and learn all about leasehold property ownership.

Throughout the day there will be:

  • Exclusive seminars
  • Leasehold Roundtables

Your speakers

Louie Burns, Managing Director of Leasehold Solutions, is a well-known and passionate speaker and advocate for the rights of leaseholders. He is an active member of the National Leasehold Campaign and regularly consults with government on the injustices of leasehold.

Mark Chick, Partner, Bishop & Sewell LLP, is a leading enfranchisement lawyerIn addition to writing and speaking regularly on Leasehold Reform and Landlord and Tenant matters generally, he regularly writes and contributes to articles and webinars about these issues. He has also been involved in the recent Law Commission consultations on enfranchisement and commonhold.

Louie  and Mark will be joined by experts from Leasehold Valuers.

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These 45 minute presentations are a must-attend for owners of flats or leasehold houses. They cover a range of key issues whilst providing crucial information and insights, with plenty of opportunity for Q&A.

  • The leasehold system and knowing your rights

  • How understanding the cost of a lease extension puts you in charge

  • Understanding Service Charges and how you can challenge them

  • How to extend your lease or buy your freehold

Leasehold Roundtables

Welcome to leasehold group discussions on, you guessed it, everything leasehold.

Join us for 30-minute Roundtable sessions, where we'll be bringing top experts from across the sector to answer your questions in an informal round-the-table group environment.

If you're not sure what you want to ask but perhaps want to join a table, feel free! There's no catch, no sales, just simple, honest information about leasehold issues to empower you to take control when extending your lease or purchasing your freehold.

New to the Leasehold Roadshow!
Introducing a
 'Valuation Station', a dedicated station where you can get an estimate of how much it would cost to extend your lease.

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Business Design Centre 
52 Upper St,
The Angel,
London N1 0QH

Visit the Business Design Centre website for additional information about getting to the venue.

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Click here to find out more about what happens at The Leasehold Roadshow

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