The Leasehold Roadshow – East London

Written by Di – our  Leasehold Roadshow team leader

Last month our Leasehold Roadshow was back in London – this time in Bethnal Green.

A packed and lively event, our day started with an introductory talk by leasehold expert, Louie Burns. Louie explained the leasehold system and discussed the legal rights owners of leasehold flats and houses have in extending a lease or purchasing a freehold.  He touched on the current leasehold scandal, which has impacted millions of leaseholders and brought the issue to the attention of government.  Louie, as a trustee of the LKP, is at the centre of those discussions and so explained how the government is looking at existing legislation, what changes are being discussed and how these potential changes could impact leaseholders.

The audience listened with interest as our valuer, Darren Richardson, from Leasehold Valuers explained how to work out the costs of a lease extension. Some thought-provoking questions were answered by Darren, who gave a thorough insight on the complex process.

Chris Last, from Leasehold Law, discussed Service Charges and how they can be challenged.

A valuable part of the leasehold roadshow is the opportunity for Q&A, which takes place after the expert talks; leaseholder participation is always excellent.

After a short break, the leaseholders chose roundtable sessions on a variety of topics. Each expert hosted a discussion and the groups provided an excellent – and informal – setting for everyone to talk openly about the problems they are facing.

Some of the topics discussed were what to do if you are buying a new flat; questions you should be asking your conveyancing solicitor; how to challenge service issues and advice on taking your freeholder to court. Problems with managing agents were addressed, and advice given on the next important steps.

Despite coming to our event with the weight of the world on their shoulders, the friendly – were-all-in-this-together atmosphere made the attendees relax. Mrs C was advised how to challenge a ground rent issue, Mr M found help for lease breaches and Mr W was given general leasehold advice.

At each roadshow we encounter complex and difficult problems that seem insurmountable, but with the expert help from the Leasehold Group of Companies, the leaseholders leave feeling happier. Worried looks upon arrival were replaced with smiles as people left feeling empowered with knowledge that can help them secure their future.

“With the level of awareness surrounding leaseholder issues at the moment, it is so useful to be able to catch up and discuss these matters with experts in their field. It is so true that knowledge is a powerful thing.” Mrs M, Kent.

“The Leasehold Roadshow was the only place I have received honest, straightforward advice.” Lucy D, London.