Knowing your rights and options as a leaseholder will empower you to take control of the value of your property.

Expert help is available, you do have rights and you are not on your own.
Join us at the next Leasehold Roadshow to find out more.

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Why attend?

The Leasehold Roadshow is a must-attend for anyone facing leasehold issues.

Louie Burns is a renowned industry expert and passionately campaigns for the rights of leaseholders, regularly speaking to the media and consulting with government about the injustices of leasehold.

Joining our roadshow event are valuation experts from Leasehold Valuers - the only valuation firm to work solely for leaseholders, plus experts from our legal partner, Leasehold Law.

Together we will help you understand the complexities of leasehold issues.

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10 things you can look forward to at the Leasehold Roadshow!
#4 The opportunity to meet with other leaseholders in your area.
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2 weeks ago
On July 10 we'll be holding exclusive seminars and leasehold roundtables in #Victoria with leasehold experts @Leasehold_Solns, @L_Valuers and @Leaseholdlaw:

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2 weeks ago
The great leasehold hoax: When you buy a house, but it's not actually yours

"We highly recommend these events to all our members.  Leaseholders leave feeling empowered with the knowledge to make an informed decision about what to do next"

Katie Kendrick,
Founder of the National Leasehold Campaign (NLC)

Take control

The Leasehold Roadshow brings together leading leasehold experts to offer - free of charge - specialist advice to owners of leasehold properties, on leases and your rights as leaseholders.

Find out more about our team of project management, legal and valuation experts here:

Leasehold Solutions Ltd Leasehold Valuers Leasehold Law LLP

If you have a question about The Leasehold Roadshow events or a question about your leasehold issue - please visit our contact page - we'd love to help!

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Have you received a letter from your freeholder offering you the opportunity to purchase your freehold with your neighbours?
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"The event in Bristol was so informative and whilst the speakers were unflinchingly honest about the Leasehold system, I came away feeling so much more positive and empowered. I felt like I was no longer on my own and I have a toolkit that now gives me some options. I would recommend these events to any Leaseholder to help raise their awareness and get some much needed support and excellent advice."

Tracey, Bristol

"Three very useful and informative talks, two incredibly interesting ‘round table’ sessions. A lot of learning to be had and not just from the speakers. It’s a great leaseholder networking event and an opportunity to share your story and experience and get good advice - which not only helps you but everyone in the room. The support and guidance is second to none. I left feeling empowered and with new contacts to share knowledge with."

Ms D, Islington